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hey I just met you and this is crazy but wow it must be so boring inside your puny little brains.

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adventure time
studio ghibli


Adventure Time X Ghibli by David

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thinky thoughts
for future reference


I find that, when writing bios, it’s really helpful to look at a list or a chart like the one above. Picking two or three traits from each chart and building a character based around them will give you a really interesting bio, because they will serve as a reminder that characters need depth and dimension.

Independent and clever.


Independent, clever, pretentious, and stubborn.

The first combination doesn’t come with any flaws, whereas the second will provide a more dynamic character.

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going on the internet when i’m not supposed to just to say
guillaume/hisao is realer than your otp etc etc

okay bye

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guys i’ll be gone for the next week okay BYE EVERYONE I LOVE YOU ALL /backhugs

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teen wolf


erica, you’re new here so i’m just gonna assume you haven’t gotten the memo yet

but hurting stiles is a no-no

but other than that, keep up the good work

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rory williams
amy pond

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young avengers
my babies

“In the beginning, nobody knew what to make of us. Seven super-powered Avengers fans—who came together because the Avengers had fallen apart. Now there are four of us and we’ve fallen apart. I have no idea what will happen to us. But maybe that’s the point. That there are no guarantees. There are no happy endings. But you show up anyway. You don’t give up, you never give up. Maybe that’s what it takes…to be a hero.”

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I recently became inspired to write this tip list. TW: Abuse






If you are living with an abusive person (be it a spouse, sibling, cousin, roommate, or partner, and whether it is physical or verbal or whatever), here’s some tips.

1. If the person demands you isolate yourself by deleting things like facebook, tumblr, etc, here’s a tip: Do it, and let them watch you delete it. Then, make a new one and download It looks like a regular spyware/adware/registry cleaner remover, and one helpful aspect is it deletes history permanently and basically makes it easier to cover your tracks.

2. This is something a relative of mine did; when they are gone, take out one of the base moldings of the wall. She took the whole thing out so the line from a cut wouldn’t be seen. She cut a low notch/alcove. She hid money, extra things like snacks, and other stuff in there. Eventually, she saved up money to get away. She would use wood glue to put it back to the wall and would pry it off again to fill it in with a shoehorn. Even if you don’t get away, this can be your cubby hole for resources.

3. That same relative hid a prepaid cellphone with contacts in it to make infrequent calls and kept the phone off when hidden away.

4. I am not complete in compiling the survival guide stuff, but here is a copy of First Aid for Everyone in case you cannot go to the hospital for any reason.

REBLOG WIDELY and feel free to share and add on pieces of advice, please.

Safari’s private browsing mode is very easy to turn on and off quickly. Just check or uncheck it in the “Safari” menu. When it’s on, it won’t save your history or any other information.

Adding…if you think they’ve put a gps on your vehicle to keep tabs on you, most police departments (and some domestic violence units) will help you check. 

Wasp spray. Yes, wasp spray. If things go downhill fast, & you have to get away from a person/have something to protect yourself that looks like just another random household product, wasp spray can help you. It sprays 20+ feet, & it will temporarily blind a person if you aim at the eyes. 

As horrible as it may sound…wear the right shoes as much as you can. Running in heels is hard, & at a certain point function comes over fashion. 

Document, document, document. Have that info somewhere either than your home/computer. Even if it’s an anonymous email account on gmail to yourself. If your computer/camera/phone are destroyed, you don’t want to lose all that info. Thumb drives are your friend, & they can be hidden in all kinds of places. DO NOT KEEP IT ON YOU. 

Screencap things like they’re going out of style. If you’re being sent texts, tweets, etc., you want to be able to show them in case your abuser decides to go back and delete things at some point. 

If they have access to your banking information, whether it be by seeing/finding paper statements or having access to your online banking info or having a joint account, your movements around your town/where you are traveling to can be tracked. If you can use cash for things, do it. 

Know alternate routes to get to/from home from places you frequent, as well as police departments, etc. Sometimes losing somebody following you on the road comes down to you knowing more ways out than they do.  

Gaslighting is real. It can make you begin to feel like you are going crazy, because your entire reality can be used as a way to control & frighten you. You know you. Trust yourself. 

Here are some ways to protect your internet activity

Hide an extra set of car keys.

Along with the practical shoes tip, try not to wear many necklaces or scarves - they can be used to choke.

Keep the car backed into the driveway, with all doors locked except for the driver’s side, and with a full tank of gas.

Arrange a code word or signal for neighbors and family if you are in trouble and need them to call the police or get help in some other way.

Identify safe rooms, where there are no weapons and ways to escape. If an argument occurs, try to move to that area.

For people in domestic abuse situations and victims of stalking, keep a small bag packed in a safe place with:

  • Money and bank info
  • Medications
  • Birth certificates and passports
  • Social Security #s
  • Extra keys for neighbors
  • Kids’ items
  • Important numbers: law enforcement, friends and family, attorneys/prosecutors, medical care, child care, pet car, creditors
  • If possible, a change of clothing

This website has more suggestions for safety strategies and steps to take when leaving.

For more support, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

Although GPS was mentioned, there are a few other ways someone can track you:

  • All iOS devices (ipad, iPod Touch, iPhone) after 2nd generation can have the Find My iPhone app installed, and then someone with access to the iTunes account connected to that device can track it. There’s also a similar app for Macbooks now.
  • A lot of other smartphones have similar features.
  • Even if you have Find My iPhone turned off, some apps (such as facebook or instagram) have location tracking whenever you make an update or post…check your settings app to turn off that stuff.
  • Feature phones with GPS functions or software can be tracked also.
  • Some car anti-theft services have tracking that can be used, especially if the abuser is the owner of the car.

One other thing:

  • If it’s an emergency and you have no way to call for help, get to a public school, fire station, public library, or similar building, and try to open the locked doors. Most of these places (especially in larger towns and cities) have automatic security systems which will call the police to go and check on them.

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u g h
so beautiful
she's the man

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legend of korra


Recovering from a high fever of 101 and I have 3 days of consecutive AP testing starting tomorrow. 

And this is what I do….ahaahaaaaa….


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